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In the era of a competitive race, Is your manufacturing business still at a slow pace? Then it’s a time to take action.

Adconsultors Tech provides ERP solutions for manufacturing industries to cope up with major challenges that this industry facelike constant demands, managing compliance, planning and stocking inventory and quality maintenance. We help you manage your business hand to hand. ERP solutions boost efficiency, reduce cost, increase profit and provide good revenue. The most important aspect of manufacturing industry is Quality Management and ERP provides control over the same. It enhances quality by inspecting and testing raw materials, in-process

The most important aspect of manufacturing industry is Quality Management and ERP provides control over the same. It enhances quality by inspecting and testing raw materials, in-process materials and finished products. It turns complex manufacturing plans into well organized and easy to use plans. It improves data accuracy.

Reduced cost

Investing when high ROI is ensured is always a good idea. ERP solution increases productivity. It eliminates excess inventory and warehousing costs. Also, transparency among all financial aspects reduces cost.


ERP systems are highly customizable, so can easily be tailored as per the unique needs of business. These systems can easily adapt the ever changing needs of growing business. That’s why are called robust, configurable and flexible.

Streamlined Processes

As the business grows, complexity also increases, thereby increasing the need for automation. ERP solutions centralize the information so that departments who need to access data can easily get it. It enables seamless coordination and execution of all related process and procedures, hence streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

All the aforementioned benefits lead to on time delivery of products, which is critical in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Makes Accounting Easier

Account staff will not have to spend anymore time rekeying financials, reconciling data manually or cross posting data anymore. ERP software reduce errors and provide improved customer service.

Strategic Decision Making

ERP’s enable you to take faster decisions as it provide thorough insights and visibility into every department. With clear visibility of internal processes and departments, management can optimise the day to day operations with more ease comparatively.

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Automobile Industry is a multitasking industry with processes such as production, assembly, supply chain etc. going hand in hand and all need to be maintained at the same time. ERP is a multitasker tool that can plan and manage on its own.

In today’s challenging world of constant development, Innovative tools like ERP are a must. Features of ERP are Managing bills of materials, Process Streamlining, Shop floor Management Production Forecasting, Order Management, Production Analysis, Accurate analysis of Rejection, Rework etc.

Cost reduction

ERP solutions unite different modules of business into one and dealing with single software system instead of all the modules individually saves money.

Managing Vendor inventory

It is the most important feature of ERP to avoid excess inventory which can save a lot of money. ERP includes Material Requirement Planning functionality which enables the manufacturer in time delivery of raw materials.

Business intelligence

Being the most complicated and challenging Industry, BI solutions are a must. We provide complete data management and BI solutions for automotive industry with real time access to business data.

Reduced risk

ERP software reduces the risk of warranty issues and helps in meeting Industry needs better, Thereby, reducing risk and improving profitability.

Sizing it right

Storage Space is a problem for every company as it needs more funds, ERP software analyzes and evaluates the storage space required.

Maximum efficiency

Features like Quality Management, Electronic Document Management, Inventory optimization Finance Management makes the organization more efficient to earn more.

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ERP solutions are all set to revolutionize the world of chemical and pharmaceutical companies and we at Adconsultors Technologies make sure that our services are always upbeat and solution oriented in nature. To scale up the performance in such unflappable economy, pharma companies need to be flexible and more efficient. Our team at Adconsultors works scrupulously to create micro and macro ERP modules that too with dedicated time frame which has rendered high efficiency and increased flexibility to the client company.

Here is a list of things ERP and cloud computing can do for your Pharmaceutical company-

Cost reduction

The most obvious benefit to be mentioned here is the reduction in cost of operating any knowledge based industry as the infrastructure would be taken care by another third party cloud computing firm.

Managing Vendor inventory

Most of the industries when shift to cloud computing are more efficiently involved in vendor management inventory which gives out real time order statuses and forecasts as well.

Business intelligence

For the industries such services industries like Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, which depend upon engineer- to- order or Build- to- order strategies (for example the products that need to be engineered during specific demands like swine flu vaccines) as the core model of their business functioning, using cloud platforms can help in managing and accelerating the process drastically. This helps in both cutting down the cost of surveying and leading to an increase in business.

Reduced risk

Performance outage can be easily analysed over a cloud system and then be avoided leading to better results and risk reduction in long term.

Sizing it right

The algorithms in cloud computing can help in analyzing and evaluating the right size of the storage required. This can save millions of bucks for big companies.

Maximum efficiency

In the company Ely Lilly, there is a massive base of the computing system which means every scientist is working at their full efficiency most of the time. This is because in any knowledge-based industry, there might be steps which need to be taken care of before and the people, or the scientists here, have to sit in “queue” for performing their share of work. Managing data with the help of ERP and Cloud computing means that there is work which can be done simultaneously and other work which can be made immediately available if the need be.

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The textile industry is hailed as one of the oldest manufacturing industry and it was the first industry to have seen an early revolution in technologies- from handlooms to machine made textile processes and from hand designing to digital designing and printing. For the industry to stay upbeat in the technological revolution process, it is important for the business owners to turn to ERP to align themselves properly with the latest technology. We at AD Consultors can help design a customized ERP software for your textile company that can cater your as well as your customer’s need properly.

Some of the benefits of ERP in textile industry are-

Master scheduling

Schedule the manufacturing of your textile ahead with our customized solutions. You can plan according to the trends and according the consumer demands in cases of fluctuating demands.

Setting MRP/CRP

No need to take the pains of deciding manufacturing costs of each batch separately. The ERP modules will set the cost automatically based on an inbuilt pricing system, calculating the cost based on manufacturing time, detailing etc.

Reduced risk

No need to take the pains of deciding manufacturing costs of each batch separately. The ERP modules will set the cost automatically based on an inbuilt pricing system, calculating the cost based on manufacturing time, detailing etc.


ERP modules come handy while managing the logistics of your company. You can leave all the logistic problems to the ERP software as will manage the check points, create bar code systems and track vehicles and dealers until the delivery is complete.

Accounts Payable

You can manage all the payable accounts through a single platform and track your previous payments as well..

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Trading and Distribution

Backed by sophisticated space-time management solutions, the trading and distribution companies are going all out in equipping themselves and their warehouse with the best of technologies. It is important that the goods move in and out in a faster pace so that the trading and logistics companies and work in their maximum efficiency. PDT integrations and customized ERP solutions can increase the warehouse productivity by around 75%. We at Adconsultors Technologies provide custom made solution for your trading and logistics business that uses real time planning of routes, refrigerated preservation systems, weather forecasting etc in conjugation with ERP modules so that your business can reap desirable profits..

Some of the Benefits of incorporating ERP in your Logistic business module are-

Warehouse Automation

ERP modules generate distribution sheets which control physical movements of your vehicles in and out of the warehouse. There are entities like barcode scanning and automated allocation plans that help increase the efficiency of the warehouse.

Introspection of quality

With our customized ERP solutions, you can easily stick to your local or even global statutory regulations and can ensure the quality of your organization. You can maintain stringent incoming checkpoints, generate test certificates and can monitor your outgoing products so that you can satisfy the quality compliance issue of your end user.

Incentives for dealers

It is a common thing to have a large dealer network in your system and in absence of strong communication, dealer expectation management can turn out to be a strenuous thing for you. Our ERP modules can generate rule based incentives that can appease the dealers from time to time and lessen your burden as well.

Ease of global shipments

If your company deals with the global shipment, then you must be familiar with the problems you face because of different norms and standards in trade regulations internationally. ERP modules can help in automation of the process and generate rules that need to be abided by in different countries without any hassle of your employees researching about the rules time and again.

Planning and Managing Financial Assets

ERP modules generate automated landing cost calculations, calculation of maintaining inventories and the cost of transportation. You can plan and compile the financial data pertaining to each of the employee involved in your business as well.

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